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Glass Service, Inc. (“GS”), founded 1990 by a team of furnace enginners, and employing more than 100 people is offering:
Advanced solutions for Glass Melting, Conditioning and Forming

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GS can boost your glass melting furnace production efficiency, glass quality and energy efficiency by applying our in house developed unique software tools and hardware.

Our tools cover furnace and forehearth simulation models, advanced model based control, forming modeling, detailed glass defect & redox analysis, flexible combustion equipment, leading electric boosting equipment, furnace audits and special turnkey engineering solutions.

Markets and experience cover: flat, container, fibre, table ware, optical, tubing and other special glasses.

The intention of this website is to provide – besides company profile & history, contact details including maps, news (RSS as well as newsletter), information about events including seminars – detailed information about our Products & Services.

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