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Mathematical Modelling with CFD is the base

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Figure: Flow & Temperaures inside a regenerator

After decades using Physical Modelling, Mathematical Modelling with Computer Fluid Dynamics (“CFD”)” has become a powerful tool in combustion and glass melting over the last years to analysis and forecast processes and processes variations.
The main reasons are:

  • Perfect process insight view to particulary understand the context
  • Simulating process modifications prior to any physical change to minimize CAPEX
  • CFD supports R&D to minimize CAPEX and reduce time-to-market
  • CDF is a risk assessment tool and supports SHEQ

In addition:

  • Dramatic increase of computational power, every year workstations with faster CPU and more memory are available at lower costs.
  • Improved handling and post processing
  • Faster mathematics for solving differential equations
  • The physics and the number of the sub models is improving
  • Better validation of the CFD results vs. measurements