Advanced Furnace Control ESIII™

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Latest developments in advanced computer technologies such as model predictive control, fuzzy logic, neural networks, knowledge systems and advanced optimization have been integrated in the ES III™ to gain optimal control of the entire melting and conditioning process.

This new approach brings harmony to all furnace processes in a wide variety of glass productions. The benefits begin with batch charging and melting, and are carried out through to the forming area.





  • Consistent 24 hour/day furnace operation requires minimal operator intervention
  • Continual optimization of heat input provides fuel savings
  • Glass with stable temperatures, increased homogeneity, and improved consistency is delivered to the forming process
  • Furnace stability leading to fewer glass defects and increased furnace lifetime
  • Reduced time and production losses during product changes
  • Furnace and sensor fault detection


Easy Hardware Installation

ES III™ runs on PC Pentium computers using WINDOWS XP operating systems. Data transfer, and the control itself, make use of computer networks.

A personal computer with a network connection is the only necessary feature to be added in order to implement this supervisory system on top of standard industrial control system and to enable the advanced control system. Hardware costs for the ES III™ are minimal for either a new or existing furnace.


The developers of the ES III™ have emphasized safety. The installed ES III™ has redundant data and performance checks, built-in fault detection for sensors and alarms, and a master switch for operators. The furnace supervisor (main operator) has full control over the ES III™.

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